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WP-Property is a free and easy to use Property and Real Estate Management Plugin for WordPress. Create a directory of real estate / rental properties and integrate them into you WordPress

WP-Property integration is seamless, the system is expandable and customizable, functionality is rich, and we are here to support it. This is not a “collection” of plugins, but one full suite. You will not have to download and match together a plethora of other plugins, in the hopes of them working well together, to have all the features you need.

The only requirement, you have to use WordPress 3.0 or newer.

As of version 0.60 we have added a “Developer” tab to the settings page which lets you create new property types, real estate listings for example, alongside rental properties.

WP-Property New Features

  • Add predefined values for any attribute in Admin Tab that will create a dropdown input field on the property editing page.
  • Pagination back-button support.
  • Slovakian translation.

More Features

  • WP-Property Search form shortcode.
  • Pagination and sorting works on search results
  • Major improvements to search widget and search function
  • Property result pagination via AJAX
  • Property queries by custom attributes
  • Localized Google Maps
  • Translations into Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
  • Customizable templates for different property types.
  • Fields such as price, bathrooms, bedrooms, features, address, work out of the box.
  • SEO friendly URLs generated for every property, following the WordPress format.
  • Customizable widgets: Featured Properties, Property Search, Property Gallery, and Child Properties.
  • Google Maps API to automatically validate physical addresses behind-the-scenes.
  • Integrates with Media Library, avoiding the need for additional third-party Gallery plugins.
  • Advanced image type configuration using UI.
  • Out of the box support for two property types, Building and Floorplan. More can be added via WP-Property API.
  • Property types follow a hierarchical format, having the ability of inheriting settings – i.e. buildings (or communities) will automatically calculate the price range of all floor-plans below them.
  • WP-Property is Free!

Premium WP-Property Features

Common WP-Property Shortcodes

We have setup a “Shortcode Cheatsheet” page for your convenience.

Include search form into page/post content.

  • [property_search] Include search widget on content of a page or a post.
  • [property_search searchable_attributes=bedrooms,bathrooms searchable_property_types=single_family_home per_page=10] Show search options for bedrooms and bathrooms; return only Single Family Homes, and show 10 results per page.

Shortcodes are used to display listings. Simply put a shortcode into the body of a post or page, and a list of properties will be displayed in its place on the front-end of your website.

  • [property_overview pagination=on] Show all properties and enable pagination.
  • [property_overview sorter=on] Will list all properties with sorting.
  • [property_overview per_page=5] Show 5 properties on a page (10 properties is the default). If you use this shortcode – you don’t need to use ‘pagination=on’.
  • [property_overview for_sale=true] or [property_overview type=building]
  • [property_overview bathrooms=1,3 bedrooms=2-4] Use “,” for setting specific values of attributes and “-” for ranges.
  • [property_overview sorter=on sort_by=price sort_order=DESC pagination=on] Will list all properties sorted by price in DESC order (attribute “Price” should be checked as sorted in Properties->Settings->Developer page ) and paginate.

Usage of custom attributes added in the Developer tab for queries, example:

  • [property_overview house_color=blue,green] List all blue and green properties.
  • [property_overview type=single_family_home year_built=1995-2010] List all single family homes built between 1995 and 2010.
  • [property_overview type=apartment pets_allowed=yes] All apartments where “Pets Allowed” attribute is set to “yes”.
  • [property_overview template=detailed-overview] will load property-overview-detailed-overview.php from your theme folder.

WP-Property Screenshots

Dashboard pages displaying properties overview

Dashboard pages displaying properties overview


Editing properties

Editing properties


Customize Front-end with WP-Property Widgets

Customize Front-end with WP-Property Widgets


WP-Property Property Listings

WP-Property Property Listings

Download WP-Property

Download WP-Property WordPress Plugin

To view other great plugins available for your WordPress installation be sure to view our Plugins category.

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