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WP Email Capture Premium is an all in one email marketing plugin for WordPress.

WP Email Capture is the latest plugin to come from the talented WordPress developer Rhys Wynne.

The plugin is a perfect way to add an easy to use email capture form to your WordPress powered website. Simply put, it allows you to create stunning email capture lists.

With tracking of leads, multiple list building and template functionality, Rhys is confident that your search for an email marketing solution for WordPress is over.

Installation is simple and only takes a few moments to install. Once the plugin has been installed you need to create your first mailing list.

This is achieved by visiting the WP Email Capture Dashboard page and filling in the form settings.

Creating your first WP Email capture list

Creating your first WP Email capture list

WP Email Capture works by having two pages on your site. The first is a “Subscription” page. This is a page your potential subscribers land on after they fill in their contact details on your site. It’s a good idea to create a subscription page with an explanation on how the user confirms their subscription.

The second page is the “Confirmation” page. This page is the page the user is redirected to when they have clicked the link in their email. This confirmation page fully captures their email (which confirms to you that want to sign up), and usually on this page you introduce your newsletter, as well as offer any freebie that you were offering to entice people to sign up to your newsletter.

You are prompted throughout the creating of your mailing list to create your mailing list “subscription” page and also the “confirmation” page that users will be directed to after subscribing.

After you have created your first list you will be directed back to the plugin Dashboard page where your newly created list will appear in the drop-down menu.

Your newly created mailing list

Your newly created mailing list

Creating your mailing list page is quite fun. You simply click on the newly added WP Email Capture icon locate in the Dashboard WYSIWYG edit. You are then presently with a dialog window where you can select your newly created list.

Adding you mailing list subscription form to your page

Adding you mailing list subscription form to your page

Once you click the “Add to post” button in the popup dialog a shortcode will be added to your page which contains the mailing list form.

Simply save this page and test in a web browser. You now have your very own mailing list subscription form added to this page.

The plugin comes will detailed, illustrated documentation that is very easy to understand and follow.

More details and/or purchase the WP Email Capture Premium WordPress plugin

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