Titan Editor – The Premium WordPress Shortcode Editor On Steroids

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Titan Editor is a premium WordPress plugin which allows you create and use an abundance of the coolest shortcodes in your WordPress powered blog. Titan Editor has its own admin area where you can easily create your own content, include and arrange your shortcodes and publish new shortcodes. Creating custom page templates has never been this easy!

Ever wanted to create your own page templates filled with the coolest short-codes without opening your ftp application, WordPress Editor or code editor, well? Then we have a surprise for you’ll.

All you need to is to buy our plugin and you never have to do these steps ever again and never ever have to remember a short-code tag again.

Titan Editor - The Premium WordPress Shortcode Editor On Steroids

Titan Editor – The Premium WordPress Shortcode Editor On Steroids

With Titan Editor your able to create as many page templates as you need and fill them with a visual short-code editor. Everything is taken care of, drag and drop functionality, delete page templates, ad page template, edit page templates.

Add columns, message boxes, lists, accordions, tabbed containers, charts, maps, sliders, toggles, recent posts, popular posts, related posts, quotes, videos, button with an button editor inside and much much more.

Titan Editor Features

  • Drag and drop Functionality – Drag, drop, move or delete your short-codes until your satisfied.
  • Page template Manager – No more messing around inside your default pages and posts, create your own page templates filled with short-codes.
  • Button shortcode editor – Create as many button styles and shapes you want.
  • Most common shortcodes included – Buttons, tabs, accordion, toggle, slider, images, columns, lists, message boxes, video, quotes, separator, blog elements, galleria and pre/code
  • Quick fill – After adding your columns your able to fill them all by just one click.
  • Titan Editor Page Attributes – After creating your page template and you’ve filled and rearranged all components then just create a new page and select your page template from the Titan Editor Page Attributes window and your done.
  • Clever editing – Not happy after seeing your freshly baked page, then just select the template through Titan Editor and edit it, Titan Editor remembers where you have left and opens the page just as you left it.
  • Screencasts Included – Watch the videos for full instructions on how to use the editor, once your used to it you never return to the wp-editor ever again.
  • Blog Post compatible – Your also able to create a nice looking blog post that looks different then any other blog post. Just create a page template ad your content through the editor and assign this page template to that blog post.
  • Editors Option Panel – A option panel from where you can enable or disable the stylings, so if you want to use your own then you only need to disable it.


Titan Editor - Displaying features

Titan Editor – Displaying common features


Adding content to an accordion

Adding content to an accordion


Adding a slider shortcode

Adding a slider shortcode

Titan Editor – The Shortcode Editor on Steroids is exclusively for sale at Codecanyon.net for only $25 Grab your copy today and start creating the ultimate page templates packed with the best shortcodes.

View and/or purchase the Titan Editor Premium WordPress Plugin

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