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Author+ is a new premium WordPress plugins that helps you achieve more search engine traffic with rich author bios, and Google Snippet integration.

What is Author+?

This plugin adds to Profile Pages an extended “Author Bio”. This allows users to add more information to what they’d feel comfortable adding underneath the post. This Author Bio can be displayed on the author page, as opposed to the standard “Author Description”.
This plugin is a framework, so requires a bit of PHP skill and experience in template editing to make it work.

Author+ is a revolutionary WordPress Plugin that turns your author pages into feature rich content. It has three main features which are unique to Author+.

Give Your Authors A Boost and Exposure Using Extended Author+ Bios Features

Author Pages are previously bland list of posts that offer little value to your readers. With Author+ you can create extended Author Bios which can be easily embedded into the author templates. These help turn author pages from bland template driven pages to content rich pages, turning them into valuable landing pages on your blog.

Easily Create Goggle Rich Snippets – Increase Clickthroughs from Search Engines To Your Blog!

Google are currently implementing Rich Snippets – information about the target page in question embedded in the search engine results. Author+ will help you easily and quickly make your author pages and your blog posts compatible with Rich Snippets. Google Rich Snippets have been proven to increase click-throughs to your blog, so you can get more traffic to your blog.

Reward Regular Contributors With “Top Author” Pages

Turn your about us page into a doorway page for your authors quickly and easily with one line of code. This page auto-updates with the details of your most prolific authors, meaning your best and most prolific authors will get the most exposure on your blog.

All of the above is controlled by a central administration system, so you can ensure maximum security of your blog.

Author+ Screenshots

The Author+ Administration features

The Author+ Administration features


The plugin widget

The plugin widget


The newly layed out extended user bio

The newly layed out extended user bio

More information and purchase the Author+ Premium WordPress Plugin

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