Shortcode Domination Premium WordPress Plugin

12 Nov 2012 By Plugins No Comments

Shortcode Domination is a fun to use & interactive Premium WordPress Plugin that is currently available for purchase on the CodeCanyon website and as the name suggests, is feature packed with WordPress shortcodes.

Display YouTube thumbnails using WordPress shortcodes


Displaying YouTube thumbnails is a common task in our WordPress blogs. This WordPress code snippet will demonstrate how to display a YouTube thumbnails from a YouTube video by using a WordPress shortcode.

Use Shortcode Outside the WordPress Loop


Today I came across an interesting scenario where I needed to use a shortcode outside of the WordPress loop in one of my theme files.

Create a WordPress Login Form Shortcode

14 Oct 2011 By Code Snippets 4 Comments

In our WordPress blog there may be times when you wish to display the login form to allow your visitors to login or register for your site. This code snippet will demonstrate how to create a shortcode to display the login form anywhere in your WordPress powered blog.

Using WordPress shortcodes outside of your theme files


Shortcodes are a great new function that was introduced with the release of WordPress version 2.5. This code snippet demonstrates how to use WordPress shortcodes outside of normal theme files.