How to Create a Post in WordPress Programmatically

17 Oct 2012 By Articles No Comments

For the majority of us WordPress users, creating WordPress posts and pages is a simple matter of using the built-in WYSIWYG editor. This is by far the most user friendly way of creating posts, however you may find a time when you need to programmatically create posts and pages.

Display your latest Google+ content on your WordPress blog


There are times when you may wish to display your latest Google+ content on your WordPress powered blog. This code snippet demonstrates how to display your latest Google+ posts.

Using WordPress 3 Custom Post Types

19 Mar 2011 By Articles 1 Comment

Custom Post Types are a great new feature released with WordPress 3.0 and are here to stay offering greater flexibility in creating our own custom post types. Custom Post Types expand on what already is a great set of features and functions that WordPress already has.

Display Random Posts in WordPress Theme

15 Mar 2011 By Code Snippets 2 Comments

To get maximum exposure of all your articles on your blog you may find at times it may be a good idea to randomly cycle through all your posts and display them in a random order in your WordPress theme, whether it be your sidebar, footer or anywhere else you wish to display some post content.

12 Free WordPress Themes March 2011


There are a lot of free WordPress themes available on the net. Some of these themes are so high in quality that at first glance you might be thinking that are are premium templates. In this post I have compiled a list of 12 fantastic free WordPress themes.

How to automatically insert content in your RSS feed

03 Mar 2011 By Code Snippets 6 Comments

This code snippet demonstrates how to automatically add a ‘footnote’ or signature at the bottom of your posts in your WordPress RSS feed.