Author+ Premium WordPress Plugin

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Author+ is a new premium WordPress plugins that helps you achieve more search engine traffic with rich author bios, and Google Snippet integration.

Display your latest Google+ content on your WordPress blog


There are times when you may wish to display your latest Google+ content on your WordPress powered blog. This code snippet demonstrates how to display your latest Google+ posts.

Most popular WordPress Tips, Tricks and Hacks Jan 2011

17 Feb 2011 By Articles 1 Comment

Due to the current online trend with blogging, a lot of blogs are popping up that are quite similar in look, design and content. To stand out in the crowd you blog needs to be unique. The way to achieve that is to tweak you WordPress blog. You need to get deep into the PHP code, theme files and templates and make your own style. A lot of times you may see a site and think ‘WOW! that part of the site is amazing, how did they do that?