The underused WordPress Pagination Function

15 May 2011 By Articles 1 Comment

The WordPress Pagination Function is often overlooked when working on post paging, instead we tend to use fancy plug-ins to add this fairly basic functionality to your theme which is is most times an overkill for the functionality we are trying to achieve. There’s usually a lighter, smarter way.

Incorporating WordPress Post Pagination without a plugin

02 Apr 2011 By Code Snippets 1 Comment

Paging is a way to break articles and posts into different pages and this article will outline how to incorporate custom WordPress post pagination without the the use of a plugin.

How to Change the Default WordPress Gravatar

25 Mar 2011 By Code Snippets 1 Comment

WordPress comes with a fantastic default Gravatar images, however it may not be for all of us. There may be times when you wish to customize this image, maybe to brand your blog a little more or to make it unique.

Easily display post titles with a custom length


This code snippet demonstrates how o display post titles with a custom length in WordPress.

How to show the home link on wp_nav_menu


This code snippet shows you how to show the ‘home’ link on wp_nav_menu.