How to load a CSS style into WordPress admin area only

19 Mar 2013 By Code Snippets 1 Comment

It can be a little daunting and confusing at first when building plugins and themes and trying to load the respective CSS files into the WordPress Dashboard area only.

5 Resourses to Optimise Your WordPress Theme Images using CSS Sprites

06 Jul 2011 By Articles 4 Comments

CSS Sprites is one way of maintaining a good website loading speed to paramount to having your website visitors return. WordPress themes nowadays a very highly image driven. All these images increase the load on the server and increase the loading speed of our WordPress sites.

Omnicron Premium RocketTheme WordPress theme


The Omnicron theme is the April 2011 RocketTheme Theme Club release, is the ideal choice for any product related site, as well as wider purposes more generally, based on its rounded, colorful appearance and the inclusion of the new RokFeatureTable plugin.