How to Stop Spam Comments on WordPress

03 Apr 2013 By Articles No Comments

Have your WordPress blog ever been afflicted with spam comments? If yes, then you too cannot deny that it is a nuisance in the world of internet and threaten to decrease its efficiency. Your blog will be slowed down, your resources will be used up, and you will sit longer hours in front of the computers without desired results!

Create a Custom WordPress Comments Form Validation Plugin

13 May 2012 By Articles 2 Comments

Validating our WordPress comments form using jQuery is a great way to ensure a one click form submission and a greater user experience for our post contributor.

WP Captcha-Free SPAM Free Comments Plugin

26 Nov 2011 By Plugins No Comments

WP Captcha-Free is a very effective lightweight WordPress plugin that blocks automated comment spam without using CAPTCHA (image verification).

Combat Comment SPAM by using your WordPress .htaccess file


Comment SPAM is a real issue to any users of a WordPress blog. This code snippet will demonstrate how to reduce WordPress comment SPAM by adding a simple rule to your WordPress .htaccess file.

Free WordPress Comment Plugin – Disqus Comment System

15 Jul 2011 By Plugins 2 Comments

The Disqus comment system is a great free WordPress plugin that replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by Disqus.

Subscribe to Comments WordPress Plugin

08 Apr 2011 By Plugins 2 Comments

Subscribe to Comments is a robust plugin that enables WordPress commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries.