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Backbone is a fantasic new feature packed fully customizable WordPress framework designed and developed by Colorlabs.

Backbone was developed to cater for a range of WordPress users. Ranging from the basic WordPress blog owners up to the hardcore WordPress theme developers.

You may have only just heard about WordPress theme frameworks and may not be totally familiar in what they do and why they are so useful. Well let me explain.

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

A Theme framework is a Theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development, usually serving as a robust Parent Theme for Child Themes. Some Theme frameworks can also make theme development more accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge with options pages.

As WordPress users and developers the Backbone theme framework sets a solid foundation for us on which we can extend on. Meaning that you no longer have to go through the time consuming process of developing a WordPress theme from scratch. The Backbone theme framework contains all the functionality to add commonly used features to your site. The only task that you have to do is customize the child theme to your liking.

A child theme is simply that. A child theme. It is a theme that extends on the parent theme. In our case the Backbone theme framework being the parent theme. Using the Backbone theme framework is going to save you overall time in developing your site leaving you valuable time to work on the cosmetic side of your site.

Although the Backbone framework contains an endless list of great features and functions, it was developed with simplicity in mind. Once you log into your WordPress Dashboard you are presented with a very neat and well designed set of options that allows you to customize your settings and site. The framework presentation is not clustered and everything is at a mouse click away.

The settings panel has cleverly been designed with simple “drag & drop” technology.

The settings panel has been designed with simple "drag & drop" technology.

The settings panel has been designed with simple “drag & drop” technology.

This is the first time I have come across this type of theme framework and theme theme management. I can proudly say that I love it. All the functionality is there in the left hand column and dragging and dropping the the icons onto the right column allows for great way to change your settings and expand on the child theme.

The Dashboard pages contain all the features to interact and display your favorite Social Networking sites. You can add your Google Analytics tracking code to keep track of your website visitors. Most important of all is the built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings that ensure that your site will be indexed and featured by search engines. There is also build in advertising management to display your advertisements. This way you do not need to download and install third party plugins to display your ads.

Backbone Theme Framework Features

Responsive Layout with Customization Possibilities

With responsive design your website will look great no matter what kind of device or screen size on which it’s being viewed. Whether you’re checking out Backbone on your desktop, your iPad or your smartphone, content is delivered to you in an intuitive and appropriate way.

More Page Template

Backbone have many available page template. You can make your business page using business page template or you can make your portfolio using portfolio page template or you can make your post look like a magazine using magazine page template or you can show your photo using photoblog page template.

Single Layout Settings

You now have the power to choose different layout setting for each post or page. You can set the layout to fullwidth, two column left-content, two column right-content, three column left-content, three column right-content or three column center-content.

Customization Styling Theme

Producing websites should be simple. Backbone is loaded with numerous functionality to customize design without having to touch any code. Style your website quickly and easily directly from the panel or you can add your own custom CSS.

Single Ad Management

Backbone gives you the control to manage the advertisement on every single posts and pages on your website. Add banner areas directly into blog posts, pages and other areas in your site.

Custom Shortcode

You can use some shortcode to make different column for your each page, so that’s make you easier to create your page to be one column, two column or three column.

Comprehensive SEO management system

WordPress is great but a search engine optimized theme makes it even better. Our all-new theme options panel lets you tweak and modify an array of SEO parameters, from page titles to meta information.

Custom image and embed video in single post

Choose between image and video to show which thumbnail that you want to show.

General Typography

Make you easly to customize your website’s font like the size, color, and weight.

Child Themes

Backbone comes with 2 child themes, Lovers and Sakura. These 2 child themes included in Backbone’s pack. And you can choose it which theme that you like and love to use.

Widget Layout Setting

Customize your layout setting manually and choose which position that you like for your single and blog page.

Custom CSS and File Editor

Make an easy way to customize your CSS file and others.

Import/Export Setting

With the import and export setting, you can easly to save and load your favorite settings.


Standard Theme Framework Features

As well as the amazing set of features listed above you are also presented with these features.

Automatic thumbnail resizer

Colorlabs themes are powered with a script that automatically generates thumbnails from your post images. This will save you time and make your website easy to re-design. No more opening and re-scaling your images in Photoshop before a adding them to your posts.

Theme administration panel

Manage important theme elements from a dedicated panel and be free from the hassle of editing codes. Here you can integrate your website with AdSense, Analytics and Feedburner in a few clicks.

WordPress threaded comments

Optimize user discussion on your website with WordPress threaded comments. Say ‘goodbye’ to hard-to-follow comment posts and ‘hello’ to neatly organized comment threads.

Cross-browser compatibility

We code and design according to web standards. This ensures complete accessibility and compatibility in modern internet browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and many others.


Easy manage all your sites general settings

Easy manage all your sites general settings


Fill in the details and have all your favorite Social Networking sites displayed

Fill in the details and have all your favorite Social Networking sites displayed


Built-in Google Analytics statistics code tracking

Built-in Google Analytics statistics code tracking


Total control over Search Engine Optimization and settings

Total control over Search Engine Optimization and settings


The available Sakura Child theme

The available Sakura Child theme


The available Vidio Backbone Child theme

The available Vidio Backbone Child theme

Backbone is available in two license packs

When you purchase the Backbone WordPress theme framework you have the option of either purchasing the “Standard” license pack or the “Developer” license pack.

Standard Backbone Pack

Developer Backbone Pack

  • Lifetime support for an unlimited number of websites
  • Lifetime access to product download
  • Free access to theme documentation
  • Free access to product updates
  • First-time installation service
  • Free 2-month access to GoSquared Plus Plan
  • Free 2-month webhosting service from
  • Free 2 child themes (Vidio & Sakura)

First-time Installation Service

If you are totally new to WordPress or a little unsure on how to install a new WordPress theme you can request that the Colorlabs staff help you install the theme or framework. To enable this option, log in to the Colorlabs Resolution Center after completion your transaction. Submit a ticket and provide your URL, WordPress and FTP account details and your website will be ready in 24 hours.

Two free child themes when you purchase the Backbone WordPress theme framework

When you purchase the Backbone WordPress theme framework not only are you supplied with the actual theme framework itself but you are also given two child themes to get you underway.

Vidio child theme

Vidio is created with the video blogger’s needs in mind. Vidio is around videos to eventually constitute impressive multimedia seamlessly wrapped in WordPress. The design, functionality and features clearly define Vidio as a video WordPress theme ideal for video bloggers, video portfolios, animators and videographers.

Sakura child theme

Sakura is a beautifully styled theme for your WordPress business website. Designed specifically to meet to many kinds of business projects, but it’s deeply suitable for creative, portfolio and showcase website. It is the perfect solution if you need an easy solution with an eye-catching design for your business’s online presence.

More details and purchase the Backbone WordPress theme framework

Be sure to check out the Premium WordPress Themes category for other great premium WordPress themes or our Free WordPress Themes category for free themes.
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