WPInsite http://www.wpinsite.com WordPress blog, themes, plugins and more... Mon, 22 Jun 2015 08:53:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.5 Responsive WP Testimonial Slider http://www.wpinsite.com/wp-plugins/responsive-wp-testimonial-slider http://www.wpinsite.com/wp-plugins/responsive-wp-testimonial-slider#comments Thu, 18 Jun 2015 23:54:49 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7684 Let me introduce to you WP Testimonial Slider. It is a responsive all rounder slider that is perfect for any type of WordPress site that wished to showcase client testimonials.WP Testimonial Slider is very well written and is simple to install and use. WP Testimonial Slider is based around the clever use of WordPress Custom Posts Types which allowed the developers to extend WordPress and create this amazing plugin.


The plugin is installed like any other WordPress plugin. You simply upload the packed zipped file or copy and paste the extracted zip file into your wp-content/plugins directory.


Apon installation, you will find a new menu item added to your WordPress Admin Menu called “Testimonials”. This is the Custom Post Type that was created and when all the functionality for the plugin belongs.


WP Testimonial Features

The WP Testimonial plugin comes in two versions:

  1. Free downloadable version
  2. Pro paid version

To unlock all the great features of this plugin and gain maximum usage you will need to purchase the “Pro” version of the plugin which at the time of this publication is available to purchase for $9


The plugin contains these outstanding features:

Simple to Install & Use
Simply install the plugin, activate and create your new testimonials.


Well Written & Documented
The PHP code for the plugin is well written and highly documented.


WP Testimonial Slider comes with tons of shortcode parameters to control as you needed. Simple use a shortcode to display the plugin in any page or post.


Easy To Use Control Panel
All the settings for the plugin are contained in a simple easy to use Admin Control Panel


Free Support
With a promise of customer satisfaction. Free lifetime support is provided for the plugin.


Highly Documented
WP Testimonial slider is well documented, demos, visual installation & usage guide included.


Style to Your Liking
WP Testimonial Slider is packaged with 9 different themes each giving you different visual aspects for the plugin. You are sure to find a design that suits you.


Free Lifetime Plugin Upgrades
Never miss a future plugin update. After purchase, download future updates anytime.



With the design back-end focused on the use of WordPress Custom Post Types, this has given the author great opportunities to integrate the plugin into the WordPress back-end.


You can easily create and add your own testimonials by simply navigating to the plugin’s “Add Testimonial” page.


First you will need to create some Testimonial categories.


When creating your Testimonials you have the options to add your own:


  • Testimonial Title
  • Company Name
  • Designation
  • Website URL
  • Testimonial Author Image
  • As well as general page content.
Adding Your Own Testimonials

Adding Your Own Testimonials

After creating your Testimonials you simply add your Testimonials to any page, post or Custom Post Type by using the built-in shortcodes. In it’s simplest form the plugin can be displayed by calling:


With a range of shortcodes values that are explained in the documentation you can style the plugin to you requirements like so:

[wpt_testimonial posts="10" order="ASC" cat_name="cat1" transition="fade" theme="gs_style9" img="gs_radius" speed="6000"]




Listing Your Testimonials

Listing Your Testimonials

The Settings Control Panel

The Settings Control Panel

Styling the Plugin

Styling the Plugin

Advanced Plugin Settings

Advanced Plugin Settings

Displaying your Testimonials

Displaying your Testimonials

Displaying your Testimonials

Displaying your Testimonials

Displaying your Testimonials

Displaying your Testimonials


WP Testimonial Slider is a great WordPress plugin with great potential to be expanded and developed on in the future. This plugin is a must for any WordPress user wishing to showcase client testimonials and to showcase their work.


More details and/or purchase the Responsive WP Testimonial Slider WordPress Plugin

To view other great plugins available for your WordPress installation be sure to view our Plugins category.

http://www.wpinsite.com/wp-plugins/responsive-wp-testimonial-slider/feed 0
Exposure – ThemeFuse Photography WordPress Theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/exposure-themefuse-photography-wordpress-theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/exposure-themefuse-photography-wordpress-theme#comments Thu, 30 Apr 2015 23:14:08 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7671 Let me introduce you to Exposure. The latest Photography themed WordPress theme to come from the talented developers at ThemeFuse. Exposure is a responsive photography WordPress theme that has all it takes for professional photographers or hobbyists alike.

Exposure Features


Includes 2 built-in different sliders for you to choose from: the first one is great to showcase your photography portfolio, while the second slider is a bit more static but can incorporate videos

Change colors with ease

Modify the highlight colors with a single click. You can do that directly from the WP admin, by using a simple color picker, and all instances of that color will be changed across the site.

Sky is The Limit

Let your creative juices flow and use our evolved shortcodes together with the drag & drop page builder to create unique, complex pages in the blink of an eye.

eCommerce Ready

Start selling your products or merchandise today using the popular WooCommerce plugin. We’ve created and stylize all the necessary page templates from product listing to checkout.

Built in Events Calendar

Keep your users up-to-date with all upcoming events by adding them into the built-in calendar. You can put the calendar shortcode on any page using the built in visual drag & drop page builder.

Built in Page Layouts

Besides the regular default blog pages, Exposure comes with a bunch of built in page layouts for you to use and the visual drag & drop page builder will enable you to create countless more.

Google Fonts Integration

Use a bunch of fonts from Google’s free collection, all accessible within our theme. Because the fonts are stored on Google’s servers, the displaying on your website will always be fast and reliable.


MegaMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable responsive drop down menu. Our implementation makes it easy to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.

This theme is optimized for a Responsive viewing experience. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal experience with a minimum of resizing and scrolling, across a wide range of devices.


Homepage featuring beautiful full screen slider

Homepage featuring beautiful full screen slider

Great layouts for content pages

Great layouts for content pages

Portrait view portfolio page

Portrait view portfolio page

Large bold blog page design

Large bold blog page design

Elegant contact form with integrated Google Maps

Elegant contact form with integrated Google Maps

Exposure is a great new way to express your creative photography hobby. The theme is minimal and easy to read. Great for visitors in any age range.

More details and/or purchase the Exposure – ThemeFuse Photography WordPress Theme

Be sure to check out the Premium WordPress Themes category for other great premium WordPress themes or our Free WordPress Themes category for free themes. ]]>
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WordPress Social Login – New Authentication Plugin http://www.wpinsite.com/wp-plugins/wordpress-social-login-new-authentication-plugin http://www.wpinsite.com/wp-plugins/wordpress-social-login-new-authentication-plugin#comments Mon, 16 Mar 2015 22:13:44 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7654 WordPress Social Login allow your visitors to comment and login with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and more.

WordPress Social Login allow your website readers and customers to register on using their existing social accounts IDs, eliminating the need to fill out registration forms and remember usernames and passwords.

WordPress Social Login also allow you to import users contact list from Google Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live and LinkedIn.

WordPress Social Login gives you absolute control over users access to your website and comes a list of rules and restrictions for you to setup.

Easy to customize and integrate

WordPress Social Login come with a simple but flexible and fully customizable authentication widget. And if you are a developer or designer then you can customize it to your heart’s content.

Wide variety of providers

Depending on the audience you’re targeting, you can choose from a wide variety of providers and services including: Social networks, Microblogging platforms, Professional networks, Media, Photo sharing, Programmers and Gamers networks.

Currently supported providers

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Windows Live, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Reddit, Disqus, Tumblr, Stackoverflow, GitHub, Dribbble, Instagram, 500px, Foursquare, Steam, Twitch.tv, Mixi, Vkontakte, Mail.ru, Yandex, Odnoklassniki, Goodreads, Skyrock, Last.fm, AOL and PixelPin.

Free, unlimited and white-label

WordPress Social Login is open-source and completely free. The source code is publicly available on GitHub for anyone to help and contribute. You are free to use a WordPress Social Login in commercial projects as long as the copyright header is left intact.

WordPress Social Login Screenshots

WSL attempts to work with the default WordPress comment, login and registration forms

WSL attempts to work with the default WordPress comment, login and registration forms


WSL come with a simple but flexible and fully customizable authentication widget

WSL come with a simple but flexible and fully customizable authentication widget


WSL widget can be easily integrated into most WordPress themes and many popular plugins using hooks and shortcodes

WSL widget can be easily integrated into most WordPress themes and many popular plugins using hooks and shortcodes


WSL social networks setup

WSL social networks setup


WSL widget customization

WSL widget customization

More details and/or download the WordPress Social Login – New Authentication Plugin

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New Plugin – WordPress Backgrounds Pro http://www.wpinsite.com/wp-plugins/new-plugin-wordpress-backgrounds-pro http://www.wpinsite.com/wp-plugins/new-plugin-wordpress-backgrounds-pro#comments Sun, 08 Feb 2015 00:53:50 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7646 WordPress Backgrounds Pro allows you to display selected audio / images / slideshows / patterns / self hosted videos & YouTube videos as the website or page background, without the need to edit the theme. These backgrounds are displayed as fullscreen backgrounds and compliment any WordPress theme.

WordPress Backgrounds Pro – WordPress Plugin

WordPress Backgrounds Pro allows you the ability to create 6 different types of backgrounds that can be applied to your site homepage or any blog post or page and even custom taxonomies.

The 6 different backgrounds available include:

  • Audio
  • Solid Colour
  • Pattern
  • Images
  • YouTube Video’s
  • Self hosted Video’s


Create unlimited background images


Fully customizable options


Detailed illustrated easy to understand plugin documentation

Translation Ready


Background Sets where you want!


Get notified of future plugin updates with a built-in update notification system


WordPress backgrounds Pro is your number one solution for having full page interactive backgrounds on your site. You can set a background set for your theme homepage, blog & standard pages as well as custom taxonomies.

You control the options for each different background type. Don’t want the video controls to appear when displaying YouTube Video backgrounds? Simply disable them in the easy to use plugin Control Panel. Don’t want the audio controls to display in the bottom right corner of the browser window? Move them to a possible you desire. You also have the ability to change the button colours & text font colours!

The plugin has been developed to he highest quality standards and tested in all major modern browsers.

WordPress Backgrounds Pro Features:

  • Create audio file backgrounds. Set them to auto-play when the page loads.
  • Create images backgrounds with a single image or multiple slideshow.
  • Create a pattern background using any of the 150+ backgrounds built-in.
  • Create a solid colour page background applying any colour you desire.
  • Create self hosted video backgrounds with alternate video’s & images for mobile devices.
  • Create YouTube backgrounds setting single video’s or custom playlists.
  • Easy to use user friendly Control Panel.
  • Detailed step by step illustrated documentation.
  • Built-in Update Notification System.

Quick-Start Guide

  1. Unzip plugin file.
  2. Upload the the plugin folder “wp-backgrounds-pro” (not just the files in it!) to your `wp-content/plugins` folder. If you’re using FTP, use ‘binary’ mode.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Navigate to the WP BG Pro settings page and configure the plugin to your requirements. (Configuration settings detailed in supplied documentation)
  5. Start creating your interactive backgrounds.
  6. Assign them to pages, posts or custom taxonomies.
  7. You’re done. Enjoy.


In order to work, WordPress backgrounds Pro WordPress plugin needs the following requirements:

  • WordPress release v3.5+
  • PHP version 5+


Click here to view the changelog

More details and/or purchase the WordPress backgrounds Pro plugin

To view other great plugins available for your WordPress installation be sure to view our Plugins category. ]]>
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How to Clear Eximstats Mail Database in cPanel/WHM http://www.wpinsite.com/code-snippets/clear-eximstats-mail-database-cpanelwhm http://www.wpinsite.com/code-snippets/clear-eximstats-mail-database-cpanelwhm#comments Sun, 25 Jan 2015 23:10:28 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7632 Whilst monitoring and maintaining the WPInsite web server I noticed that the Eximstats database that holds all the server information related to site email and so forth was growing quite large > 2gb. After some research I came up with the following code snippet which will clear all the data from your server Eximstats database tables.


Clear Eximstats Mail Database Tables

To clear the tables we need to download and install PuTTY which allows you to securely access your web server ( Telnet and SSH client ). This snippet assumes that you know how to use PuTTY and login to your web server.


Checking EximStats Database Size

The first command we want to run is a command to check the actual size of the Eximstats database tables.

root@server [~]# du -sh /var/lib/mysql/eximstats

When running this command you will receive these similar results

44M     /var/lib/mysql/eximstats

So from these results I can see that the data held in these table is 44mb


Clear the Eximstats  Tables

To clear the data from the tables we run these following commands. The first of which allows use to use mysql

root@server [~]# mysql
mysql> use eximstats
mysql> delete from defers;
mysql> delete from failures;
mysql> delete from sends;
mysql> delete from smtp;

As we run each of these commands we will be giving a response of how many database rows have been affected.

Now we have cleared the eximstats database tables it is time to exit mysql. To do this run the following command

root@server [~]# exit

Now just to confirm all went well, I like to re-check the size of the tables again by running this command

root@server [~]# du -sh /var/lib/mysql/eximstats

As I can see from the results the size of the data is considerable smaller then it was.

To maintain a healthy functioning web server I like to run through this procedure every 3 months.

Be sure to check out our other great WordPress Code Snippets and WordPress Articles. ]]>
http://www.wpinsite.com/code-snippets/clear-eximstats-mail-database-cpanelwhm/feed 0
Motive – ThemeZilla WordPress Theme for Creatives http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/motive-themezilla-wordpress-theme-creatives http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/motive-themezilla-wordpress-theme-creatives#comments Sat, 10 Jan 2015 01:50:10 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7600 Motive is the first theme to be released from ThemeZilla for 2015. A powerful WordPress theme for creatives, with eye-catching animations and multiple layouts for showcasing your portfolio and blog. Get inspired with Motive and have things your way.

Motive Features

A Flexible Homepage

Display an immersive portfolio grid, feature one image, focus on text, or do all three. This homepage is super-versatile.

CSS3 Animations

Add personality to your site with portfolio, header, and menu animations. Pop in your content, and Motive will handle the rest.
Multiple Blog Layouts

From the Theme Customizer you can choose to display a single-column blog layout or a three-column masonry layout, and each can use Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll feature.

Theme Customization

Use the Theme Customizer to tailor the accent and overlay colours of your site, simply enter your brand’s colours and Motive will make the change.

Full multimedia support

Use different media to display your work. Full support for images, audio and video (both self-hosted and embedded).

Fully responsive design

Serve an optimised version of the theme to your visitors on tablet and mobile devices. Optimised for iPad and iPhone.

Post format support

Spice up your blog with multimedia content. Support for images, galleries, video, audio, quotes, links and more.

Fully filterable portfolio

Showcase your talent using the inbuilt gallery function and allow site visitors to filter your work by discipline.

Backend theme options

Use options to get up and running in minutes and start customising your new site with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Custom logo upload

Upload your own logo with the press of a button. Full support for text-based logos for those just getting started.

Built-in SEO settings

Optimize your pages and posts for search engines with the inbuilt SEO options. Rank higher, get more traffic.

Custom page templates

Choose from a selection of pre-made templates to build your site. Archives, full width, contact forms and more.

Custom built widgets

Advanced functionality baked right into the theme’s core. Add Twitter, Flickr, Video, Advertising and bundles more.

Localisation support

Translate the theme into any language you wish using the included .po/.mo files. Everything you need to get started.

Cross browser support

Compatible with the latest versions of all modern browsers – Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera, IE8 and above.

Design files included

No hidden costs for raw design files. PSDs are included for any advanced customisation you might need.

Motive Screenshots


Motive Homepage - Simple & Elegant

Motive Homepage – Simple & Elegant


Interactive Blog page layout

Interactive Blog page layout


Information pages with large images

Information pages with large images


Motive Contact page for your visitors to keep in touch

Motive Contact page for your visitors to keep in touch

Motive is a feature packed premium WordPress Theme with an abundance of shortcodes for you to use to extend the already amazing features.

More details and/or purchase the Motive – ThemeZilla WordPress Theme for Creatives

Be sure to check out the Premium WordPress Themes category for other great premium WordPress themes or our Free WordPress Themes category for free themes. ]]>
http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/motive-themezilla-wordpress-theme-creatives/feed 0
Ducan – Start An Online Store, Woocommerce WP Theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/ducan-start-online-store-woocommerce-wp-theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/ducan-start-online-store-woocommerce-wp-theme#comments Tue, 25 Nov 2014 01:47:04 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7586 Are you looking for the best WooCommerce WordPress theme to start an online store? If yes, Ducan premium WP eCommerce theme brings you all the advanced and most powerful features that a web building tool can ever have. It is a mega theme, catering to all the niches of shopping, and contains 19 unique Homepage layouts with each devoted to a separate niche. Owing to ease of customization and user-friendly characteristics, it is fit for the newbies who don’t even know the ABC of web development. The Visual Composer page builder plugin is a fun to work with as it will guide you visually to create and customize new pages through simple drag-and-drop method. Dozens of ready-to-use shortcodes and widgets are included in the package which can be used almost anywhere with a single click.

WooCommerce is the most widely used eCommerce plugin that has been perfectly integrated into Ducan WordPress template. With its built-in online payment system (PayPal) and other enterprise-level features, you can easily operate your online superstore, selling thousands of products.

Ducan is a lightweight, super responsive, fully flexible and cross browser compatible theme that is based on the modern SEO coding standards. Its neat & clean design, perfect symmetry, catchy mega menu and elegant graphics will fascinate the viewers on the first sight. Moreover, you are also being facilitated with awesome sliders, including Revolution Slider and Parallax Slider WP plugin. Still there is much to wonder at! You will be convinced of its superior design and functionality as you go through its live demo.

Ducan Widgets

Ducan comes complete with eight unique widgets. Ducan provides you the opportunity to show your products in the internal pages as well with different styles in the sidebar. Through this way you can increase the page load by displaying the Hot Items. Also the user can show the address, recent items, promotional banner and social media boxes to share the products on Social Media websites. Have a look at the widgets given in this online shopping theme.

  • About Us
  • Best Seller
  • Contact Us
  • Discount Products
  • Recent Products
  • New Arrival
  • Banners
  • Social Media

Sidebar Options

The Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and No Sidebar (Wide Page) option is provided in this theme. Not only the internal page but these sidebar can also be used on the main pages. The user can easily build numerous sidebars through the backend panel and use them on different pages.

6 Perfect Header Styles

The given 4 header styles are stunning to watch. You can choose any of these header styles from Theme Options with just one click. These header styles are provided to suit any of your shop requirement. Just upload the Logo and select the header style and make an online store conveniently.

Premium Plugins

Ducan has 5 premium plugins integrated into the theme. These include:

  • Visual Composer – Most Advanced Front End and Back End Page Builder
  • Easy Digital Downloads – A Plugin To Sell Digital Products
  • Revolution Slider – A Fun To Make Slides (Save $16)
  • WooCommerce – Plugin To Make The Shop Making Easy
  • bbPress – WordPress Forum Plugin To Share Customers Thoughts

Layout Features

  • Layout Features
  • 19 Ready to Use Skins
  • Mobile Friendly and Retina Ready
  • Visual Composer Included
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Boxed and Wide Layout
  • Supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • SEO Optimized
  • Free Lifetime updates!
  • WordPress 3.8+ Ready
  • WooCommerce 2.1+ Ready
  • Demo content included!
  • Fully Customizable Homepage using shortcodes
  • Right, Left and No Sidebar Option on product pages
  • Portfolio Style Page
  • Masonary Home Page Style
  • Make Banner Based HomePage
  • Make Category Based Homepage
  • Make Single Item Based Home Page
  • Unlimited Color Options (Enter Code in The Backend)

Header and Slider Features

  • 5+ Mega Menu Styles
  • Touch optimised Sliders and Banners
  • Free Revolution Slider (Save $16)
  • Video Slider in Header
  • Customizable Headers from Theme Options
  • 20+ Slides for Every Niche
  • Featured Carousel Short Code for Sliders Space
  • 4 Header Styles

Plugins Support

  • Plugins Support
  • WooCommerce 2.1+ Compatible
  • Free Visual Composer (An Advaced Frontend and Backend Page Builder Save $16)
  • bbPress Forum Plugin Compatible
  • Easy Digital Downloads Compatibility

Free Sidebar Widgets

  • About Us Widget
  • Best Seller Widget
  • Contact Us Widget
  • Discount Product Widget
  • Recent Product Widget
  • New Arrival Widget
  • Banner Widget
  • Social Media Widget

Pages Included

  • Product Comparison Page
  • Product Search Page
  • 404 Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page
  • Review Page
  • Product Listing Page (Grid and List View)
  • Single Product Page
  • Login / Register Page
  • Blog List View Page
  • Blog Grid View Page
  • Single Blog Page
  • Masonary Blog Page
  • 20+ Home Page Layouts

Customization Options in Short Code and Theme Options

  • Change the Title of The Sections
  • Select Different Or Same Heading Styles for Different Section (7 Heading Styles Given)
  • Show Number of Posts in Any Section
  • Select the Number of Columns to Show the Selling Items
  • Select the Product Style to Show in Every Short Code (8 Styles Given)
  • Show the Items to Sort by Date, Title, Name, Author, Comments
  • Select Items from Any Category in Any Short Code

Ducan Screenshots


The Ducan interactive homepage

The Ducan interactive homepage


Stylish footer design

Stylish footer design


Built in eCommerce pages

Built in eCommerce pages


Multiple blog layouts

Multiple blog layouts

More details and/or purchase the Ducan – Start An Online Store, Woocommerce WP Theme

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http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/ducan-start-online-store-woocommerce-wp-theme/feed 0
Superme – Portfolio WordPress Theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/superme-portfolio-wordpress-theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/superme-portfolio-wordpress-theme#comments Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:00:03 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7540 The Superme WordPress Theme is a premium WP theme from the talented designers AirThemes and can be used as a portfolio for designers, photographers or plethora of other uses.SUPERME makes it super-easy to create your online portfolio without any technical know-how. Save time, save money, look more professional and win more clients.

Superme is for anyone without the time or skills to develop a portfolio from scratch. It can be used creative people including designers, 3D modelers, illustrators, artists, models, architects and more.

The template includes 13 pages + AJAX PHP contact form.

Superme Features

Theme Customizer

Easily customize the theme using the WordPress Theme Customizer. Over 75+ options to alter the theme layout and features.

Responsive Design

Design for Mobile, Tablets, Notebooks and Desktop devices. Superme will dynamically adjust to any device viewpoint. Try it out on your mobile device.

Crystal Clear Code

There’s always some customers who want to dive into oceans of code and catch their own fish!

Import Demo Content

You can simply import the demo content to your website with one click. Have the option to build pages on top of demo pages. This feature is there for you.


Installation just takes a few minutes and is simple with the provided in-depth documentation. Includes all the information to get you started and customized.

Widgets & Plugins

In the theme the author has used completely free plugins. 9 plugins are included with the theme. These include: Visual Composer, ZillaLikes, ZillaShortCodes, Been Tweets, Video Widget, Dribbble Shots, Flickr Photos, Email Subscribe & Widget Banner.

  • Layered PSD Included
  • Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Valid HTML5
  • Clean Code
  • Excellent Support
  • Works Page (Home Page)
  • Work Full Page
  • News Page (Blog Page)
  • News Full Page
  • About Page
  • Archives Page
  • Error 404 Page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • ShortCodes Page
  • Team Page
  • Typography Page
  • Price Page
  • Widget (Social, Twitter, Dribbble)
  • and much more …


The Superme Homepage

The Superme Homepage

The single portfolio detail page

The single portfolio detail page

Well designed blog pages

Well designed blog pages

AJAX powered contact form with Google Maps functionality

AJAX powered contact form with Google Maps functionality

Shortcode and their example usage

Shortcode and their example usage

More details and/or purchase the Superme – Portfolio WordPress Theme

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http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/superme-portfolio-wordpress-theme/feed 0
WPJobus – Job Board and Resumes WordPress Theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/wpjobus-job-board-resumes-wordpress-theme http://www.wpinsite.com/premium-wordpress-themes/wpjobus-job-board-resumes-wordpress-theme#comments Mon, 11 Aug 2014 00:24:34 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7530 WPJobus is a robust 3-in-1 WordPress Responsive Theme from the talented ThemeForest Author Theme-Dojo, which you can use as a Job Board / Portal, Personal Resume or Company Profile website.

Browse, search and filter Jobs, Companies and Resumes

Monetization ready Without having to spend extra for any additional paid ad-ons!

First of all, with WPJobus you can browse, search and filter / refine 3 entities: jobs, companies and resumes.  Here companies have complex profiles and can be filtered / sorted in a companies directory. The same goes for Jobs and Resumes directories.

With WPJobus you don’t depend on any additional 3rd party plugins which imply several limitations and, in some cases, additional costs. It’s all standalone and included right into the theme.

Imagine 60+ fields only for a quality Resume output, all created while keeping in mind europass CV recommendations and everything displayed in a very visual and engaging form, using transition effects, animations and parallax.

Search filters and refinements for Jobs, Resumes and Companies Directories.

It is Stripe Ready, which means that it has a instant monetization model built-in – for publishing featured resumes, jobs or company profiles!

And many more great features.

Personal Resume

Easily convert WPJobus in one-page Resume theme in which you can showcase all your skills, education, awards, career, portfolio and contact details.

Company Profile

Yes, that’s right. Easily convert it into a company profile website with areas of expertise, services, job offers, clients, testimonials and even a portfolio.
And of course with a map containing all your company’s details.

Features Overview

  • 3-in-1: Can be used as a Job Board / Portal, Personal One-Page Resume website or Company Profile website.
  • Standalone – Has everything it needs built-in and doesn’t need other 3rd party plugins to work
  • 100+ built-in fields for describing in detail Companies Profiles, Job Offers and Resumes
  • Directories with Google Maps and AJAX search for Companies, Resumes and Job Offers.
  • Faceted search with filters and refinements for Companies, Job Offers and Resumes.
  • Latest web technologies for an outstanding User eXperience: HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, Parallax effect, Page Preloaders, etc.
  • The most extensive and detailed Resume, Company Profile and Job Offer page on the market.
  • Stripe Ready – has a instant monetization model built-in – for publishing featured resumes, jobs or company profiles
  • LayerSlider – includes the Responsive LayerSlider ($15 value)
  • Testimonials for Resumes and Company profiles
  • Front-End Data Input User Interface through which the user can create and account, login, fill-in their Resume, add several Company Profiles and assign to them Job Offers.
  • Modern, Beautiful & Clean Flat Responsive Design, mobile and tablet ready.
  • Awesome Typography with customization from the backend, making use of huge Google 630+ Fonts library.
  • Retina-Ready
  • FontAwesome 480+ icons library
  • Built on the robust ReduxFramework for design customization and advanced settings from the admin area
  • Unlimited color-schemes
  • Static pages templates – How it Works, Contact Us, Pricing Plans, About us, Blog, and more…
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • WordPress 3.8+ Ready
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Extensive Documentation

Jobus Screenshots

WPJobus Interactive well designed homepage

WPJobus Interactive well designed homepage

Main job listing page

Main job listing page

Contact page with Google Maps integration

Contact page with Google Maps integration

Built-in Discussion Forum

Built-in Discussion Forum

Highly Interactive Job Resumes

Highly Interactive Job Resumes

Overall WPJobUs is a well designed feature packed WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of features. Be sure to check out the theme demo as you will find hidden design elements which make this theme really stand out.

More details and/or purchase the WPJobus – Job Board and Resumes WordPress Theme

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Using the_widget to Display Widgets within your WordPress Template files http://www.wpinsite.com/code-snippets/using-the-widget-display-widgets http://www.wpinsite.com/code-snippets/using-the-widget-display-widgets#comments Sun, 06 Jul 2014 22:00:09 +0000 http://www.wpinsite.com/?p=7520 Code Snippets for WordPress are highly useful blocks of code that we can add to our WordPress sites to extend it’s default functionality. Whether you are an experienced WordPress Developer or a weekend Blogger useful code snippets are sure to make your life easier.

Displaying WordPress Widget Directly from Template File

Did you know that aside from adding the standard WordPress widgets from within the WordPress Dashboard, that there is a built in function available called the_widget() that allow you to place a widget anywhere within your theme template files.


So for example you want to display a widget in the header but there’s no widget area in the header. What would you do?


the_widget function comes to the rescue!


You can use the code below to load any widget on any template file.

the_widget( $widget, $instance, $args );
  • $widget = widget’s PHP class name
  • $instance = widget’s instance settings
  • $args = widget’s sidebar args, for example before_widget, before_title and so on

To know all of the above parameter, you will need to open the widget file.


So, let say you want to display the Search widget in the header. Open up header.php file then put this code in the place where you want the widget to appear:

the_widget( 'WP_Widget_Search' );
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