Highly Useful WordPress Code Snippets


Code snippets are a great way to add extra functionality to your WordPress site without the need to download and install a plugin. In this post we will outline some highly useful code snippets.

How to Remove the


This short code code snippet will demonstrate how to remove the <ul> container that often encases our navigational menus when using the wp_nav_menu() function.

Add New WordPress Color Picker to Plugins & Themes


Since the introduction of WP 3.5, a new CSS gradient-based color picker called Iris was added to the core. The new color picker is a step above in all features combined to it’s predecessor, the Farbtastic Color Picker.

How to Create a Google Docs shortcode for .PDF documents


This shortcode will explain how to create a shortcode for .PDF files, that when clicked can be opened in Google Docs.

Display Twitter Latest Tweets in WordPress with the new Twitter 1.1 API

15 Jun 2013 By Code Snippets 1 Comment

Twitter has now disabled the support for their version 1 of the Twitter API. What this means for a lot of WordPress sites is, that if they were using older Twitter scripts or widgets then these scripts will not work anymore. These scripts must be updated to use the new Twitter 1.1 API.

How to add a Pinterest Pin It button to your WordPress Blog


Adding the Pinterest “Pin It” button to your WordPress blog is a simple task and can be achieved with the minimalist of code. This code snippet will demonstrate how to add the “Pin It” button to your WordPress template files.