Servicerr – Expert WordPress Support & Maintenance

10 Oct 2015 By Articles No Comments

Having difficulty maintaining your WordPress site? Well, if this is you then let me introduce you to Servicerr. Servicerr is an expert WordPress support & maintenance you can count on.


Responsive WP Testimonial Slider

19 Jun 2015 By Plugins No Comments

Let me introduce to you WP Testimonial Slider. It is a responsive all rounder slider that is perfect for any type of WordPress site that wished to showcase client testimonials.

Exposure – ThemeFuse Photography WordPress Theme


Let me introduce you to Exposure. The latest Photography themed WordPress theme to come from the talented developers at ThemeFuse. Exposure is a responsive photography WordPress theme that has all it takes for professional photographers or hobbyists alike.

WordPress Social Login – New Authentication Plugin

17 Mar 2015 By Plugins No Comments

WordPress Social Login allow your visitors to comment and login with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and more.

New Plugin – WordPress Backgrounds Pro

08 Feb 2015 By Plugins No Comments

WordPress Backgrounds Pro allows you to display selected audio / images / slideshows / patterns / self hosted videos & YouTube videos as the website or page background, without the need to edit the theme. These backgrounds are displayed as fullscreen backgrounds and compliment any WordPress theme.

How to Clear Eximstats Mail Database in cPanel/WHM


Whilst monitoring and maintaining the WPInsite web server I noticed that the Eximstats database that holds all the server information related to site email and so forth was growing quite large > 2gb. After some research I came up with the following code snippet which will clear all the data from your server Eximstats database tables.